Take a few moments to reflect back upon the past week, consider parts of the challenge you found enjoyable or helpful, and identify something you can explore further or implement regularly. Some questions are the same as ones you answered at the beginning of the challenge, and it can be interesting to look back at your initial answers to see if they have changed.

Flourish Challenge: post-challenge activity

  • Choose all that apply.
  • These may be from this challenge, or may be strategies you have used previously.

I am passionate about the topic of mental wellbeing and self-care, and I’m committed to helping people in this area. I would be super appreciative if you could take a couple of minutes to give me some honest (anonymous) feedback about this challenge to guide me in the creation of future challenges and other services.

Flourish Challenge: Anonymous Feedback

  • Which section(s) did you like best?
  • Which section(s) did you find least useful?
  • This may include things you had never tried before, or things you had previously done but had forgotten about or got out of the habit of doing.

Thank you!!!