Increasing positive emotions in life has many benefits, and deliberately savouring pleasurable moments is an effective way to do this. As well as increasing positive emotions, this may help you be more creative, learn faster, make better decisions, and reduce stress.

Have a go at the activities below, remembering to enter the correct name and email address, and to exercise caution with the level of personal details you provide in your responses – brief is fine! I encourage you to expand on your answers in as much detail as you can in your own journals.

Flourish Challenge: Savouring moments

  • One way to increase the savouring of a moment is to retell it to someone (or even to yourself). Think back to a recent pleasant event you experienced, and describe it below. Try to explain how you experienced it through your senses of sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste (if relevant!). Describe how it made you feel. If you can't think of a recent event, you can choose something from many years ago, even from your childhood.
  • As I mentioned in the previous exercise, it can help to verbalise your appreciation, wonder, or enjoyment to others. Have a read through the suggestions below, and consider whether you could do one of these things today.
  • Strictly plan to spend some time in the next 24 hours doing something you really enjoy.

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