Welcome to the Flourish Challenge!

This is an introductory activity to get you started with considering where your thoughts and life are sitting at the moment. Some of these questions will be repeated at the end of the challenge, and it may be interesting to observe whether any answers have changed.

These answers will also be sent to me, as will be the case with any forms you submit as part of this challenge. Submitting them to me helps to build accountability and makes you more likely to progress through the whole challenge with active participation, which increases the level of benefit you will gain. I will also refer back to these answers when preparing for your follow-up Skype call if you choose to accept my invitation. I respect your privacy, and will never share your information outside of this challenge. However, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid writing anything online that you wouldn’t want anyone else to find out. For questions with text responses, feel free to keep your answers brief and simple. You can always grab a journal and write a longer, more detailed, personal, and emotional response. In fact, a journal is a great habit to start! If you prefer, you can download the survey on paper here, and complete it by hand. But please not that you will not be eligible for the follow-up call if I cannot review all your answers beforehand.

Make sure you enter your name and email address in the form below accurately so that I can collate your responses for your call.

Flourish Challenge: getting started

  • Choose all that apply.

Download paper version here.