I love taking the latest ideas, research, and practice, and moulding it into a format that is relevant, simple, practical, and easy to understand. The fundamental concepts relating to mental and physical wellbeing are relevant to all people, across all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic settings, although there are aspects that are unique to each application. Effective health promotion lies in the understanding of these intricacies, and effectively communicating the information so that listeners are inspired, empowered, and can apply new knowledge to their lives. I tailor my talks to the interests, challenges, and demographics of your group.

I have outlined below some examples of settings and topics I love to assist with, but please get in touch if you’d like me to contribute in a different situation or format. I also run events open to all interested members of the community.

Community organisation

  • It’s All Too Much! Dealing with overwhelm and stress.
  • Looking after YOU: the power of self-care.
  • Floundering to Flourishing: purpose, values, and successful goals
  • Falling in love: learning to love yourself and nurture relationships

Mother’s group

  • Pre-baby Booster: preparing your mind for a baby
  • Caring for Mum: self-care in the first 6 months
  • Thrive: maintaining mental wellbeing with a family
  • Workforce wellness: strategies for balancing work, kids and life!
  • Passing it on: teaching self-care techniques to your children


  • The Art of Sustainable Giving: managing compassion fatigue
  • Burnout: prevent, identify, manage
  • Fostering a mentally healthy workplace
  • Focus: tools to foster productivity and performance
  • From stress to success: managing and utilising stress

Education and Training organisations

  • Preparing the minds of the next generation
  • Modelling and teaching self-care to children
  • Emerging adults: self-care in the teen years
  • Building resilience in the early years
  • More than self-esteem: the vital element of self-compassion
  • The Art of Sustainable Giving: managing compassion fatigue