How do I involve clients in decision making?
What are my qualifications?
Who will benefit from my services?
What issues can I assist with?
How are individual services delivered?
How do clients book appointments?

How do I involve clients in decision making?

Clients are integral to the process, providing valued insights into their thoughts, health, environment, community, past experiences, priorities, and values. This client-centric starting point provides the essential foundation to establishing holistic individualised management plans, and achieving health goals. Clients are empowered to enhance their skills in self-care and self-management.

What are my qualifications?

I am a fully qualified and registered medical practitioner, with an interest in improving health through lifestyle interventions.

I completed my Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery with Honors at the University of Tasmania, and published a paper related to cardiovascular disease management. I then worked at the Royal Hobart Hospital and in General Practices in the greater Hobart region, before focusing in on the area of preventative health and lifestyle medicine.

Who will benefit from my services?

If you would like to have someone on your healthcare team with skills and a passion for assisting people make lifestyle changes and achieve health goals, and prefer the convenience of video-conferencing and home visits, then my services may be a great fit for you.

Some examples of the types of clients I work with:

  • Parents: It can be difficult to get to doctor’s appointments and actually put your health first!
  • Busy professionals who want to be proactive in their healthcare, but are time poor, particularly during standard work hours.
  • Health professionals who would like to have someone on their healthcare team who understands the challenges of working in hospital and community health services.
  • People with limited mobility due to illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome or injury.
  • People who live in rural areas with challenges accessing these services in person.

I can assist with a range of lifestyle modifications related to physical and mental health in a way that is convenient to your lifestyle.

Telehealth consults can be scheduled before work, in lunch breaks, in the evening, and in some cases on weekends. Home visits can be arranged for during the day, after work, or even at your workplace in some instances.

What issues can I assist with?

I will work with you to create a tailored individual approach to lifestyle interventions aimed to assist in disease prevention and management. We will set realistic and achievable health goals, and agree on a clear plan to make progress towards improving your health. Issues I can assist with include:

  • Increasing physical activity in a practical, enjoyable, and sustainable manner.
  • Making dietary alterations to optimise your nutrition, taking into account your health conditions, food preferences, and strategies to make the changes sustainable.
  • Smoking cessation – education, planning, and support.
  • Managing stress, with a holistic approach addressing the underlying causes, and suitable strategies from both a physical and mental health perspective.
  • Mild-moderate depression and anxiety – working alongside your other healthcare providers to support you in implementing appropriate lifestyle modifications that are appropriate to your circumstances.
  • Assisting you with poor or inadequate sleep.
  • Improving mental wellbeing, which may include developing a sense of  meaning and purpose, building resilience, implementing self-care routines, preventing burnout, or addressing social isolation.

I do not carry or prescribe any medications, and you will need to see your GP or specialist to address this aspect of your care.
If I feel that you require medication or more detailed specific expertise in any of these areas, I will refer you to the appropriate healthcare provider with your consent. This may include your GP, a psychologist, dietitian, physiotherapist, or exercise physiologist.

How are individual services delivered?

Services are accessed from the comfort of your own home via Telehealth or home visits.

Telehealth consultations for Australian clients, from $42

Home visits in the some Hobart areas, from $82

In some cases an alternative location may be used, such as a workplace if an appropriate private space is available for use.

Note that Medicare rebates are not available for these services.

How do clients book appointments?

Appointments can be booked online through HealthKit, which you can access via the HealthKit button below. Home visits are generally available before work, in the middle of the day, and in the late afternoon/early evening. Telehealth appointment times are available at the same times as home visits, and also later at night. Other times can be available upon request – please email me at to arrange this.

Please note that if you are booking a home visit for the first time then I will need to make contact with you prior to the appointment to clarify that you are in a location suitable for these services. Initial home visit consultations must be conducted during daylight hours. 

Read through full policies and procedures prior to booking an appointment.

Please contact me at info@dramyimms if you have further enquiries.