If you want some guidance on your journey to better health, or if you want to promote wellbeing to your workplace, community group, or even a group of friends, there are several ways I can help you:

Individual services

I work one-on-one with clients via the convenience on Skype, or through home visits for those located nearby in Hobart, Tasmania. This creates the opportunity for me to assess individual medical history, screen for some important health conditions, and provide tailored management plans. I can work closely with clients to implement step-by-step strategies to improve wellbeing, and reduce health-related barriers to achieving goals and finding contentment. Individual services can be arranged outside of standard business hours, or even at the workplace.

Talks, Workshops, and Seminars

I teach, encourage and empower people to improve their wellbeing in several formats, ranging from formal talks to interactive workshops. I take the latest research and effective techniques, and tailor a presentation to the specific needs and context with whom I am working: a community group, training organisation, workplace, mother’s group, school, healthcare workers, and more.

Workplace services

Healthy employees are a win-win for both the employee and employer, leading to improved morale, increased productivity, and decreased absenteeism. If your workplace values healthy employees, I can deliver both confidential individual and group services tailored to your needs, including addressing challenges such as stress, burnout compassion fatigue, and building resilience.