Join Dr Amy Imms on your journey to overcome burnout and re-discover the joy of life!

Dr Amy Imms has a passion for helping people to identify and manage burnout so that they can thrive in their roles in a sustainable manner, while having strong relationships, pursuing passions, and living in line with their values.

Dr Imms works with clients around Australia, from high level professionals to parents and students. In a small group setting, she guides clients as they navigate the path to recovery, and draws upon the latest research, her own experiences, and the valuable insights she has gained from her patients. She shows people how to use strategies to optimise productivity and efficiency, and give themselves the best chance of success, without sacrificing their health.

As a speaker and presenter, Dr Imms has educated and assisted community and business groups, and presented at local and national conferences.

Dr Imms is a fully qualified and registered doctor in Tasmania, Australia.

If you are seeking guidance on your journey to overcome burnout, find out about services Dr Amy Imms offers here.