“We invest endless hours gaining an education leading to a career, but very little time learning how to manage our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in a way that leads to satisfaction, and contentment.

Without deliberate attention, we easily become stressed, overwhelmed, and eventually burnt-out. This often leads to a loss of joy, and feelings of sadness and frustration. We then become less motivated, and less effective. As the situation persists and builds, depression and anxiety can evolve, and affect every aspect of our lives. And that’s just the psychological side of things – there are also a multitude of effects upon our physical health, including our heart, gastrointestinal system, immune system, energy levels, sleep quality, and pain-response. Emotional wellbeing is not just one small partitioned area of your life that you can either ignore or deal with when it suits. It has a dramatic impact, and permeates every aspect of life. Learning effective strategies doesn’t only improve your own wellbeing, but has a follow-on effect as children, colleagues, and others learn from the behaviour you model.

I’ve been passionate about this topic since my teenage years, and have shaped my medical career to assist and empower people to optimise their wellbeing and achieve their goals. As well as being a doctor, I love reading to my five young children, my happy place is at the beach, my favourite hobby is art, and I have an unusual affection for public speaking.

This mini-ebook takes you through ten of the key areas that will help improve your wellbeing, and action steps you can take. Every individual needs a unique approach, and you may get much more benefit from some of these areas than others. Part of the journey is experimenting, learning about yourself, and discovering the best strategy for you! ”