Through The Burnout Project, I offer a range of services, including: 

  • The Thriving Together Community – this is all about translating knowledge into action. I work closely with a community of high-achievers who want to consistently take action to prioritise wellbeing and learn new strategies to achieve what they want to out of career and life. Regular small-group-meetings and webinars form the foundation of this support program, further enhanced by resources, access to online programs, Thrive Symposium content, and access to additional events.
  • Burnout counselling – I work with Australians over telehealth to recover from burnout and create sustainable careers and lives which bring meaning and fulfilment.
  • Online programs – self-paced programs teach critical skills and equip you with the tools you need to manage burnout and enhance wellbeing.
  • Workplace training – I have worked with a range of workplaces (ranging from 1 employee to thousands of employees) to address workplace burnout. This can involve teaching staff about burnout and maintaining wellbeing, equipping HR teams or managers to support their team as well as looking after themselves, or working with executive teams to enhance the organisation’s ability to prevent and respond to burnout well and to mitigate risks.
  • Burnout Packages – you can purchase burnout packages for yourself, employees, or someone in your life you’re concerned about. It might be just the thing that prompts them to finally take constructive action. These packages combine pampering self-care with practical strategies to equip them with tools that have the potential to change their life.
  • Thrive Symposium – this annual event draws together expert speakers on a huge range of topics surrounding burnout and wellbeing, and is designed to encourage, inspire, and prompt lasting changes for those who attend.
  • Speaking at events – I have enjoyed speaking at events including conferences, symposiums, webinars, launches, and more. If you’d like me to speak at an upcoming event, contact me with some details at

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