Burnout Counselling

I work with people who want intensive help with managing burnout, with short waiting periods, through the convenience of after-hours Telehealth appointments.
Appointments are available on Mon & Thurs evenings between 7:30 & 9:30 (AEST). Other times available upon request (email info@dramyimms.com) and are often available at short notice -please indicate level of urgency on request.

There are two basic categories of appointments available: 

  1. Intensive burnout counselling, 1 hour duration. These allow plenty of time to thoroughly explore issues, and are ideal if you know you want solid support and strategies to manage your burnout. 
  2. ‘Burnout Plan’, 20 minute duration. These appointments are an opportunity to briefly & broadly cover the issues you’re facing and to create an initial plan for the direction I advise you take to begin recovery, including focus areas and types of therapy or support. These appointments are great if you’re feeling uncertain where to go for help and how to even get started, and not sure if burnout counselling is necessarily what you need.

Book appointments here: bookings
Please read further info prior to booking:  find out more

Group Burnout Recovery Program

If you’re burnt-out and stressed, then the sooner you address these problems, the better! I know that you are depleted and drained right now, and it’s hard enough to find the energy to take care of your basic needs. The idea of investing energy into fixing the problems is overwhelming. My role is to guide you through what you need to do to recover, without you needing to search for all the answers and sift through information yourself. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house, as the program is delivered online.

I take on small groups of burnt-out people, and guide them through a program that provides support and resources during the initial phase of burnout recovery. Within these groups, I give you the information you need to know, and help you develop the skills you need.

Workplace Burnout Workshops and Talks

Promote mental wellbeing amongst your workplace or team with an interactive workshop designed to encourage and inspire. These can be adapted to the needs of your workplace, and you can contact me on info@dramyimms.com to discuss what you’d like to provide for your workplace and to request a quote.

Burnout: Prevent, Detect, Act

Promote good mental health among your team with an informative and inspiring interactive talk.

Attendees learn about evidence-based strategies to maintain good mental health, reduce their risk of burnout, detect the early signs of burnout, and know what to do if they do burn out or how to support a burnt-out colleague. Exercises prompt them to apply these things directly to their own lives, and they come away with a plan for actions they can take immediately. A succinct handout helps remind attendees about what they’ve learnt after the workshop, and the workplace/team receives two copies of ‘Burnout: Your First Ten Steps’.

Investment: $779 (plus travel costs if required)

Email info@dramyimms.com to discuss your requirements or make a booking.

Training for workplace representatives

Accelerate the wellbeing measures in your workplace by training up a dedicated workplace representative with the skills and knowledge to implement and assess strategies specific to your work environment. They will learn how to prevent, detect, and manage burnout, and how to facilitate education and awareness amongst staff.

This training is usually delivered over 6 online video calls, in a small group environment, with follow-up support offered to aid ongoing implementation. However the format can often be modified to suit your needs. For more information, please contact info@dramyimms.com.

Conferences and Events

If you are running an event and would like me to speak or run a workshop, please contact me at info@dramyimms.com to discuss whether I may be a good fit.

Children’s Resilience and Mental Wellbeing Workshops

It’s never too young to start teaching children valuable skills to care for their mental wellbeing. Children can grow their own toolbox of strategies to help them cope with challenges, deal with emotions, respond with compassion to themselves and others, amongst other benefits such as improved concentration and decision-making.

These workshops teach children these concepts at an age-appropriate level, utilising activities, art, craft and movement to aid their learning. Parents receive some additional resources to continue on with at home. Children get the most out of these workshops with a maximum group size of 15, although larger groups can be accommodated and still work well in circumstances such as a class with the usual class teacher present and assisting. 

Growing Little Minds is aimed at children aged 4-7yrs, and runs for approximately 1 hour. Investment: $439 total per group.

Think Bright is aimed at children aged 8-11yrs, and runs for approximately 2 hours. Investment: $589 total per group.

Email info@dramyimms.com to discuss your requirements or make a booking. Workshops outside of Southern Tasmania may require travel costs in addition to workshop fee.

Creativity and Wellbeing Workshops and Events

I run a variety of events that combine creative expressive arts and wellbeing, including children’s expressive arts workshops, and adult creativity and wellbeing brunches.
Keep up to date with when these are happening by either following my facebook page or subscribing to my emails.

These events cover concepts that are applicable to anyone, and can be adapted to a variety of settings including workplace social events, mother’s groups, professional development sessions, children of all ages, or simply a group of friends.

Email info@dramyimms.com to discuss how I may be able to adapt to suit your group.

Investment: highly variable depending upon factors such as duration, content, group size, and venue.

Copy of 5 ways to begin overcoming burnout 1 (1)
Copy of Copy of 5 ways to begin overcoming burnout 1
Copy of 5 ways to begin overcoming burnout 1